Shows coming up in Feb

Friday Feb 20 @Non Plus Ultra in Los Angeles
Isaac from Treasure Fleet’s movie premiere
w/ Lenguas Largas/Treasure Fleet/URTC/The Audacity


Saturday Feb 21st @thee mens warehouse in Anaheim

A.V. Club

It’s not entirely clear what church the Tucson-based band Lenguas Largas worships in. Sci-fi garage pop? Art-damaged post-punk? Dope, guns, and fucking in the streets? All of the above might be the safest bet, at least judging by Come On In. The group’s new album, which is being streamed here in full, wraps its weirdness in ragged hooks, then wraps that in blobs of reverb, then, well, wraps the whole glorious mess in some garish textile crocheted out of Roky Erickson’s leftover nightmares. Clarity is most definitely not the commandment. Praise be.

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Come on in motherfuckers!

Lenguas Come on in.jpg

Lenguas Largas-Come On In LP-First 300 on yellow/gold vinyl!


Incredible second LP from Tucson rippers. Words are dumb trying to describe how good this is!

Lenguas Largas hail from the dusty confines of Tucson, Arizona. Made up of an unholy union of dirty DIY dudes who range from werewolf looking motherfuckers to dudes with cute ass shoes, they aren't interested in the music scene, but instead, just interested in music and creating it.

Born out of the recuperation of tour sickness and brain baked boredom on New Years Day 2009 they play a graveyard like spooky haze gloom/psych rock with cold, minimal, post-punk stylistic leanings and have the Roky Erickson Weird-O-Meter pegged; as well as carry a mile-long locomotive's worth of quarry-grade rock, freshly blasted from the earth

One day they hope to create a sound equal to the thundering ghostly stampede in the sky fronted by La Llorona and her plaintive wails. Failing that, they'll settle for creating a hit song as universally loved as "Hotel California" or "I'm Too Sexy."

1. Come On In
2. Blizzards of Snow
3. Circles
4. Little C's
5. Kawasaki Dream
6. Lower Profile
7. Ese Culito
9. You Might Fall
10. No Wrong No Right
11. 7 Pacificos

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